Project 1 : 350 meals, 16 volunteers, 160 hours

Project 1 : 350 meals, 350 lives, 16 volunteers, 160 hours

Beneficiaries: 350 Needy people at the Beed Bus Stand

Number of Meals: 350

Project Duration (Hours): 160

Number of Volunteers: 16

Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 160

Cooking Expertise: Deepali Mam

Sponsored by: Deek Parassini


The Life is All Positive Kitchen Project 1 is a heartfelt initiative focused on providing essential support to 350 individuals at the Beed Bus Stand, going beyond mere meal distribution to embody hope and compassion within the community. The project’s objectives include delivering 350 nourishing meals, addressing immediate needs, and fostering a sense of community and support. Over 160 hours, a dedicated team of 16 volunteers, led by culinary expert Deepali Mam, will prepare and distribute carefully crafted meals designed not only to satisfy hunger but also to provide essential nutrition. Generously sponsored by Deek Parassini, the project symbolizes solidarity and care, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need, offering more than just meals—a sense of hope and support to the community.