Karthik Mohan Project 8 — Vizag

Project 8: 255 meals, 205 lives, 2 volunteers, 6 hours

Beneficiaries: 205 Needy people at Visakhaptanam

Number of Meals: 205

Project Duration (Hours): 3

Number of Volunteers: 2

Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 6

Cooking Expertise:Anjana Catering

Sponsored by: Deek Parassini & Water – Karthik Mohan


Project 7  “Visakhapatnam Community Care Project,” dedicated to supporting 205 individuals in Visakhapatnam. Led by Anjana Catering, our team of 2 volunteers will spend 6 hours providing nutritious meals and essential assistance, fostering unity and support in our community.

Special thanks to the generous sponsorship of Deek Parassini and Karthik Mohan, who demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact in people’s lives. Together, we’re not just serving food; we’re spreading hope and kindness for a brighter tomorrow