How Can I Get Involved with LIAP


Let us come together as a family and make our family Positive

We see each on of our team as our family members. So we are either a parent (father / mother), a sibling (sister / bro) or a child (son / daughter)  in the LIAP foundation.  

However, LIAP family should only be giving time once you have given the rightful time to your real duties of life, that is your family, your education, your office work, your health and your dream. To summarize, it is only once you have finished all your real duties only then give time for LIAP Foundation.  

The idea of having “No Designation / No Title” within the organization can be a way to foster a sense of equality, collaboration, and unity among its members. This approach may encourage a more open and flexible environment where individuals can contribute based on their skills, interests, and availability, rather than being limited by specific roles or titles.thin each one of us and this community is created to make people realize that positivity.