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A Free Group that Shares and Spreads Positivity

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Welcome to “Life is All Positive” Family Group, with over 5,000+ Positive Members, this group has becomes the Power House of Positive Messages, where Positive Messages are shared and circulated by the group members so when you visit this group you get a positive feel by reading these messages.

– In summary. When anyone of you opens the group let them have a Positive Feeling and that is the objective of the group. 

Be Positive, Think Positive & Share Positivity.

Most Important rules : No private messaging

No private messaging to other group member using their contact details taken from the group, Member will be removed with no question if a complaint is received


English / Hindi Language

All Message and Media should be in English Language, it is common language that is selected so it fair to all the group members. If you like to start your own local language message to 8878282887

Positive in Nature Messages only

All content shared should be Positive in Nature (Positive Visuals, Text, Video, Audio etc.) 


No Reference to Religion / Politics

No reference to any specific religion, politics or culture. You can talk about God, Prayers, Faith etc 


Not Allowed

No Introduction, No Ads, No Group Links, No spams, No Fake Links, No Internal chatting, No Emoticons.

LIAP WhatsApp Feedback

Life is All Positive have 3 Types of Groups & you can be part of all the group if you like :

LIAPE – Life is All Positive Engine Group – 5,000+ members, in the morning 10-15 positive content around the world would be shared into the group by all group memebers :​

LIAPH – Life is All Positive 500+ members – Same as Above but only in Hindi only :

DEEKG – Deek Parassini’s English Group 1000+ members – This is our founder’s group. Only his messages, article, videos, news, etc would be shared with :


Story of LIAP WhatsApp


Once upon a time, back in 2016, amidst the bustling world of social media inundated with negativity, two bright souls named Deek and Riya had a visionary idea. They believed that amid all the chaos, there should be a sanctuary where people could find solace in positivity. Thus, the seeds of the “Life is All Positive” WhatsApp Group were sown.

As word spread of this haven for uplifting messages, the group flourished. In no time, it swelled to over 12,000 members, each seeking a dose of optimism in their daily lives. However, as the group grew, so did the challenges. WhatsApp’s policy changes restricted message forwarding, posing a significant hurdle. Determined to overcome this obstacle, the group underwent a difficult process of merging, resulting in a reduction of members to 8,000.

Despite the setbacks, the spirit of LIAP remained undeterred. Though the numbers dwindled, the essence of spreading positivity persisted. With resilience and perseverance, the group pressed on, slowly regaining momentum. Today, with 5,000 dedicated members, LIAP stands as a beacon of hope and encouragement in the digital realm.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Fuelled by their unwavering commitment to radiate positivity, Deek, Riya, and the LIAP family have set their sights even higher. With ambitious plans to double their membership by the year’s end, they continue to sow seeds of optimism, nurturing a community where every message echoes the sentiment: life is indeed all positive.