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Empowering Lives, Amplifying Positivity, Where Every Moment Sparks Growth

In LIAP Forum, where positivity takes center stage and transformation begins! Our forum is dedicated to fostering a community of individuals who believe in the power of positivity to shape their lives for the better. With engaging sessions, insightful discussions, and uplifting guidance from Deek Parassini, we’re here to help you unlock your inner potential and embrace a life filled with optimism and joy. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, because at LIAP Forum, every moment is an opportunity to thrive.

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Ask him any question from Birth to Death about Life & Positivity

Deek Parassini welcomes any question you have about life and positivity from Birth to Death. His aim is to provide straightforward and uplifting insights. Whether you’re curious about purpose, relationships, or overcoming challenges, Deek is here to help make your life journey more positive, step by step.

The World is his family

With over 225+ sessions conducted worldwide and two decades of diverse work experience, Deek Parassini has positively impacted thousands of individuals across all age groups. Known as the “Healer of the Mind” by some and “The Truth Speaker” by others, Deek is recognized as a motivational speaker, Q&A specialist, and life coach. However, he humbly asserts, “I am none of them, just a brother or son to you with a mission to make you realize that ‘Life is All Positive, and Negativity Doesn’t Exist.’”


His Mission – Make Positivity Free for All

Deek’s dedication to making positivity free for all stems from a profound belief in giving back to the community. He offers his sessions for free, considering each participant as family. As Deek puts it, “It is just my way of Thanking God, and I consider each one of you as my family. Then how can I charge my family a fee for my service?”

Meet Him Once, Clear All Your Doubts and Forget Him

Once you understand that LIFE IS ALL POSITIVE, then you don’t need me or anyone else in future to be positive, as you learn to SELF-POSITIVIZE. Deek has talked to thousands of people of various age groups and touched their lives with positivity. His straightforward and frank approach keeps the audience engaged, and he leaves you with vital information close to life and easy to implement, which will make you a Positive human being at the end of the session.

Majority of his sessions are in a Question & Answer session format, as he believes that whatever motivation is given to people, if their core problems/doubts are not solved, then no motivation can help. He understands the core and gives a positive solution that shifts their life in a positive direction.

Story of LIAP Forum

Once upon a time, there was a man named Deek who had a really good life. But even though he was happy, he couldn’t ignore all the problems in the world. So, he decided to do something to help.

Deek went on a journey to different places where people practiced different religions, hoping to find some answers. But no matter where he went, he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Then, one day, he met his old school supervisor, who noticed that Deek seemed lost.

Deek talked to his wife about how he was feeling, and she suggested he start writing about his thoughts on Facebook. So, Deek wrote an article about love and attachment. People started reading his articles and reaching out to him for help, especially late at night when they were feeling down.

He talked to them and tried to help them feel better. Eventually, people wanted to meet him in person, so he started meeting with them in different cities. His first official meeting happened in Bombay.

Word spread about how Deek was helping people, and soon he was invited to speak at a college. He talked about life and answered questions from the students. From then on, he kept helping people wherever he could, spreading positivity and hope.

And even though he had started his journey feeling lost, he realized along the way that he had found his purpose—to help others and spread happiness wherever he went.

 His first official session took place in the bustling city of Bombay, where he spoke to a group of eager listeners about the importance of finding purpose and meaning in life. The experience was transformative, igniting a passion within Deek to continue his mission of spreading positivity and hope.

Over time, Deek’s reputation as a beacon of light grew, leading to invitations to speak at colleges and community events. His message resonated with people of all ages, inspiring them to embrace life’s challenges with courage and resilience.

Through it all, Deek remained humble and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. His journey was far from over, but with each new encounter and every heartfelt conversation, he knew he was fulfilling his true purpose—to be a source of light in a world that sometimes feels dark and uncertain.