Welcome to World Of Life Is All Positive (LIAP)

Awakening our Inborn Positivity

We believe that we are all born positive, so let’s work on powering our individual positivity to reshape our families, reform societies, and impact our nation. Join us on this journey where positivity is not just a philosophy but a way of life.

Welcome to LIAP Foundation

Healing minds & Feeding Soul considering the whole world as our family

Benefiting over 20,000 people with 66 Projects in India 

Life Is All Positive (LIAP) Foundation, founded by Deek Parassini, embraces a volunteer-driven, humanitarian approach, it transcends religious and political boundaries with a singular vision:

“Make The World Realize that Life Is All Positive.”

Our Mission

A Positive You to A Positive World

Our Vision

Make The World Realize that Life Is All Positive

Year of Experience

A Positive You to a Positive World

We believe that if the mind connects to the heart,

You begin to see the Positivity of Life


Cooking, Packing, Sharing Positive meals to our needed Family

6 Projects 


Q&A Sessions & Personal Session with Deek Parassini 

223 Sessions  


Learn, teach & share the secrets of LIAP and spread it further on.

Work In Progress


Make Positivity Louder than Negativity through different LIAP medias

Daily 10-15 Messages


Positive merchandise to purposeful goods that echoes the spirit of LIAP

Work In Progress


Impacted People


Meals Provided


WhatsApp Members


Positive Volunteers 

The world is our family & we want to service because we love doing it without expecting anything in return.

If you resonate with this philosophy and wish to be part of our family, LIAP is the right place for you. 

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Shreya Gupta

LIAP Academy

Being connected with LIAP is not a part of some social work but a self development journey I see within myself. It focuses on you as an individual, making your life positive and impacting people through you. Touching the lives of people around, a chain of positivity is formed and thus a healthy community made. LIAP is like a home to me, where there is always good advice and happy vibes waiting for me because “things will happen when they’re meant to” and “it’s all thanks to god” that we are all together here.



I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the enriching experience of volunteering at LIAP. It’s been a place where I’ve discovered a deeper sense of positivity within myself and had the opportunity to learn and get hands-on experience with many new things.
The positive environment fostered by the team and fellow volunteers has been truly uplifting. It’s more than just a volunteer opportunity; it’s a space where personal growth is encouraged, and I’ve found a reservoir of positivity within. The hands-on learning approach has been particularly impactful, allowing me to explore different aspects and broaden my knowledge this is what makes which makes LIAP different from other organizations

Aditya Chate

LIAP Kitchen Volunteer

Working with liap was a memorable experience and it felt like home even though I met them first time. Witnessing the impact of efforts on those in need created a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to a cause that uplifts others and promotes a brighter future.

Roshni Shekhar

Content Writer

This is a very insightful and a positive internship. The best part about the internship is that we as interns don’t just get to enhance our knowledge professionally but also personally. At no point, I felt pressurized about completing my tasks. All the conversations, doubts and feedbacks were cleared smoothly. This, Positive Internship with LIAP Foundation is something that I will remember throughout my life!