LIAP Family


Let us come together as a family and make our family Positive

We see each on of our team as our family members. So we are either a parent (father / mother), a sibling (sister / bro) or a child (son / daughter)  in the LIAP foundation.  

However, LIAP family should only be giving time once you have given the rightful time to your real duties of life, that is your family, your education, your office work, your health and your dream. To summarize, it is only once you have finished all your real duties only then give time for LIAP Foundation.  

The idea of having “No Designation / No Title” within the organization can be a way to foster a sense of equality, collaboration, and unity among its members. This approach may encourage a more open and flexible environment where individuals can contribute based on their skills, interests, and availability, rather than being limited by specific roles or titles.thin each one of us and this community is created to make people realize that positivity. 













The Life Is All Positive (LIAP) Foundation operates as an integrated ecosystem, where each component plays a unique role in cultivating positivity and fostering growth. The LIAP Council (Roots), comprising dedicated members, guides the foundation’s long-term vision and decision-making, serving as the pillars of its future. The LIAP Core (Trunk) dynamically executes plans, connecting the core team with the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers and interns. LIAP Volunteers (Branches) form a flexible and vital network, contributing diverse efforts to expand LIAP’s reach. LIAP Interns (Leaves), in their short-term commitments, play essential roles, akin to vital leaves in the ongoing growth of LIAP. Lastly, LIAP Members (Flowers) represent the individuals the foundation aims to serve, envisioning them as active contributors to positivity, sowing the seeds for a new tree of resilience and positive energy in the world. Together, these elements create a synergistic LIAP ecosystem, fostering positive transformation and collective well-being.

LIAP Flowers (Members)

LIAP members, we share in the joy of spreading positivity through engaging and sharing content and events. Together, we create a warm and encouraging space where every member contributes to a collective celebration of life’s bright moments. Think of it like planting a flower that creates lots of new fruits and seeds. These seeds then grow into a new tree with strong roots, a solid trunk, and branches full of positive energy. It’s like spreading good vibes and growth in the world.

LAIP Interns (Leaves)

LIAP Interns (Leaves) commit to a brief but impactful one-month role, just like leaves on a tree. Assigned specific tasks with clear deadlines, they play a short-term yet essential part in the ongoing growth of LIAP Foundation

LAIP Volunteers

It is a Short/Long Team, a role with less commitment where individuals contribute based on availability. Each branch plays a unique role in growing the LIAP tree and contributes to its expansion. They team closely with the Core Group, making different and flexible contributions to help LIAP Foundation achieve its mission.

LIAP Core (Trunk )

The LIAP core team (Trunk) is a dynamic group with a mid-term or project-based commitment. They take the lead in executing plans and projects, bridging the gap between the core team and volunteers/interns.

LIAP Council (Roots)

The LIAP Council (Roots), comprising 10 dedicated members, plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Life Is All Positive (LIAP). With a long-term commitment, they actively lead in key areas, offering support to the LIAP Team. They get to vote on important decisions, making sure LIAP keeps growing and making a positive impact.