St. Joseph’s College — Kerala

300 students, 90 faculty , 2 Session, 4 Hours

Beneficiaries: 300 Students ,90 faculty

Number of Days: 1 Day (2nd March’24)

Total Number of Sessions: 2

Total Hours of Talk : 4 Hours 


Inspiring Session with St. Joseph’s College

St. Joseph’s College buzzed with inspiration on March 2nd  as Deek Parassini’s impactful session empowered students. Discussions on personal growth, career paths, and navigating life’s big questions likely instilled motivation and a sense of community. Faculty members,  benefited from a dedicated session on positive teaching methods, fostering a more engaging and supportive learning environment. This emphasis on holistic well-being paves the way for St. Joseph’s College to become a nurturing ground for student and faculty growth.