Project 2 : 300 meals, 14 volunteers, 70 hours

Project 2: 300 meals, 150 lives, 14 volunteers, 70 hours

Beneficiaries: 150 HIV+ Individuals

Number of Meals: 300

Project Duration (Hours): 5

Number of Volunteers: 14

Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 70

Cooking Expertise: Maharaj Prajapati

Sponsored by: Pav-Patil & Family, Bhaji-Deek Parassini

The “Life is All Positive Kitchen Project” is a caring plan to help 150 people with HIV. It’s not just about giving them meals; it’s about showing love and support. We want to give 300 good meals to help their bodies and spirits. Our goals include giving meals, spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS, and making a supportive community. The project will last 5 hours, and 14 volunteers will help with cooking and giving out the meals. Maharaj Prajapati, a cooking expert, will lead the cooking part. The project is possible because Pav-Patil & Family and Bhaji-Deek Parassini are kindly sponsored it. This shows their responsibility to help those in need. In the end, the project is more than just giving meals; it’s about caring and understanding. We want to bring hope and strength to the 150 people dealing with HIV through support and good food.