Alva’s Education Foundation – 2120 Students, 5 Sessions, 2 Days

2,120 students, 5 Session, 2 Days

Beneficiaries: 2,120 Students

Number of Days  : 2 Days (29 – 30 Nov)

Total Number of Sessions : 5 

Total Hours of Talk : 16 Hours 



Alva’s Education Foundation in Mudbidri experienced a transformative two-day session led by our founder, Deek Parassini, from November 29 to 30, 2024. This event, catering to a diverse audience of 2,120 students, unfolded through five sessions, spanning a total of 16 hours. The unique aspect of these sessions was the open platform for students to pose questions about life and positivity, creating an interactive and engaging atmosphere.

Each session delved into a broad spectrum of topics, addressing queries ranging from personal development and career choices to relationships and mental well-being. Deek Parassini’s expertise and insightful responses provided a comprehensive understanding of life’s complexities, leaving a profound impact on the participating students.

Following the Q&A sessions, a distinctive feature of this event was the one-on-one personal talks facilitated by Deek Parassini. These interactions allowed students to delve deeper into their individual concerns, fostering a more personalized connection with the life coach. The emphasis on personalized discussions added a valuable dimension to the overall experience.

Throughout the two days, the overarching theme remained positivity. Deek Parassini’s motivational talks and practical tips inspired students to approach life with optimism and resilience. The sessions were not merely a source of answers but a platform for instilling a positive mindset among the young audience.

The impact of the Deek Parassini session was evident in the feedback received from the students. Many expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with a seasoned life coach, describing the sessions as thought-provoking and enlightening. The emphasis on positivity resonated well with the participants, leaving them motivated and inspired to navigate their personal and academic journeys with newfound vigor.

In conclusion, the Deek Parassini session at Alva’s Education Foundation was a resounding success, offering students a unique space to explore life’s intricacies and seek guidance. The event not only facilitated knowledge transfer but also fostered a positive and empowering atmosphere that is likely to leave a lasting impression on the personal and academic trajectories of the attendees.