Brahmdevdada Mane Inst. Of Tech. — 1000 students, 3 Hours

1000 students, 1 Session, 3 Hours

Beneficiaries: 1000 Students

Number of Days  : 1 Day (23rd Feb’24)

Total Number of Sessions : 1

Total Hours of Talk : 3 Hours 


Inspiring Sessions with Deek Parassini at Brahmdevdada Mane Inst. Of Tech.

Brahmdevdada Mane Inst. Of Tech. in Sholapur recently hosted a session led by our founder, Deek Parassini, on 23 Feb, 2024. With over 1000 students in attendance, the sessions covered personal development, career choices, relationships, and mental well-being. Deek Parassini’s insightful responses and one-on-one talks left a lasting impact, fostering positivity and motivation among the participants. The event was a resounding success, providing students with valuable guidance and inspiration for their personal and academic journeys.