LIAP Family Memerbship


Unleash Your Inborn Positivity

In a world filled with chaos, media negativity, and fleeting motivation, LIAP Foundation is your guide to awaken the innate positivity within, focusing solely on humanity with Practical approaches to Life – Join the Membership with just 100 INR per months or 1000 INR per year. 


More on Membership

It’s time to break free and join LIAP Foundation, where positivity reigns supreme! Our membership offers you a safe haven from the chaos of the world, welcoming individuals from all walks of life, regardless of religious or political beliefs. Here, you’ll find a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, united in their mission to spread joy and positivity.

As a member of LIAP Foundation, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, events, and initiatives aimed at nurturing your positivity and empowering you to make a difference. From engaging workshops and enlightening discussions to opportunities for hands-on involvement in projects that benefit our communities, there’s something for everyone to get involved in.

🌍 Membership Fee - 100 INR & 1000 INR per year

At LIAP, we believe in making positivity accessible to all so we are setting up a minimal fee.  Optionally, if you wish to support our cause, we offer a “Pay as You Like” model where you can contribute, and all proceeds go towards providing meals to those in need.

LIAP Family WhatsApp Group

An instant boost of positivity via WhatsApp! Receive exclusive morning positivity doses, and share messages that inspire you back to the group. Be part of a global community dedicated to spreading joy and making a positive impact.

🤝 Connect with Like-Minded Individuals:

Join a vibrant community of positivity enthusiasts from around the world. Share your experiences, insights, and aspirations with fellow members who share your passion for spreading positivity.

🌻 Participate in Positive Initiatives:

Make a tangible impact by participating in our positive initiatives and projects. From LIAP Kitchen projects to community events, there are numerous opportunities for you to contribute to creating positive change in the world.

🌐 Exclusive Access:

As a LIAP member, you gain access to a wealth of positive content, events, and resources available only to our community. Dive into inspiring articles, uplifting events, and valuable resources designed to enhance your positivity journey.

🎙️ Q&A Sessions:

Engage directly with our founder, Deek Parassini, in exclusive Q&A sessions. Gain valuable insights and advice on living a positive life, overcoming challenges, and fostering personal growth.

🌟 Member Spotlights

Share your positive journey and experiences with the LIAP community through our member spotlights. Inspire others with your stories of resilience, kindness, and personal growth.

🎟️ Early Access & Discounts:

Enjoy priority access to LIAP events and exclusive discounts on merchandise. Be the first to know about upcoming events and special offers, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the LIAP experience.

📅 Monthly Membership Events:

Connect with fellow members at our monthly membership events. These gatherings provide an opportunity to build meaningful connections, share ideas, and foster a sense of community among LIAP members.

🧰 Positive Toolkit:

Access a comprehensive toolkit designed to support your positivity journey. From uplifting wallpapers and affirmations to practical tools for maintaining a positive mindset, our positive toolkit equips you with everything you need to thrive in life.