Joining the LIAP Council

  1. Volunteer/Team Member Contribution: The first requirement is to contribute and support the LIAP Foundation as a volunteer or team member for at least three months. Get involved in the foundation’s activities, projects, and initiatives to showcase your dedication and commitment.
  2. Express Interest: Once a vacancy arises in the 10-member Council, express your interest in joining the Council to any current Council member. Let them know about your contributions, experience, and passion for the LIAP Foundation.
  3. Council Member Recommendation: The Council member you approached will share your interest and details with the rest of the Council members. They will present your case, highlighting your contributions and dedication during your time as a volunteer/team member.
  4. Performance Evaluation: The Council members will evaluate your overall performance, including your contributions, work ethic, attitude, and alignment with the values and mission of the LIAP Foundation.
  5. Discussion and Voting: A discussion will take place among the Council members to assess your suitability for the Council position. They will consider your qualifications, alignment with the foundation’s goals, and potential to contribute to the Council’s responsibilities.
  6. Decision-Making: After the discussion, a voting process will be conducted to make the final decision on including you as a Council member. The Council members will cast their votes, and the majority decision will determine the outcome.
  7. Inclusion to the Council: If the majority of the Council members vote in favor of including you, you will be invited to join the LIAP Council. Congratulations! You will now become a part of the leadership team responsible for guiding and supporting the foundation.

It’s important to note that becoming a Council member involves significant responsibility, so the decision-making process is thorough to ensure the best individuals are chosen to lead and represent the LIAP Foundation effectively. Remember to showcase your dedication, passion, and commitment to the organization during your time as a volunteer/team member to increase your chances of being considered for the Council position.


Council Team (Roots)
The Council Team, comprising 10 dedicated members who are the backbone of LIAP Foundation. Their role involves making a long-term commitment of at least one year, during which they will deeply grasp the essence of the Life Is All Positive (LIAP) concept. As leaders, they will take charge of key areas that the foundation focuses on, providing essential support to the entire LIAP Family.
With voting rights, the Council Team becomes the decisive force in shaping the foundation’s future. Their active participation and expertise will be instrumental in driving the mission and vision of LIAP, ensuring its positive impact on the community and beyond. Through their collective efforts, the foundation will thrive and make a significant difference in promoting positivity and well-being.

LIAP Council WhatsApp Group
– Actively engage in the WhatsApp group by sharing valuable inputs, suggestions, and feedback.
– Commit to checking the group at least once daily to review messages, contribute your thoughts, and participate in ongoing polls.
– All polls will be open for 24 hours, and it is mandatory to cast your vote during that period. 
– The participation is essential for effective decision-making within the group.

Weekly Meeting

– The Council conducts weekly virtual meetings lasting 30 minutes each, commencing at 9:00 PM every Friday. 
– These meetings will be conducted virtually, ensuring remote participation for all members.
– During each session, every council member is expected to provide updates and share their assigned tasks’ status. This ensures transparency and keeps all members informed about the progress of ongoing activities.

General Council Members Rules
The rules are designed to ensure fairness and active participation among the Council members:

  1. Active Participation: Actively contribute, collaborate, and take part in various activities and discussions
  2. Informing Absence: If a Council member cannot attend a meeting, they must notify the Council in advance, providing a leave period with a leave date and expected return date.
  3. Consecutive Absences: If a Council member misses two consecutive meetings without providing information, they will be asked to reconsider their position on the Council.
  4. Volunteers Status: Failure to respond or continue missing meetings may result in an automatic transition to volunteer status.
  5. Emergency Needs: In cases of emergency, Council members on leave may be asked to participate in short meetings (less than 10 minutes) respecting their time.
  6. Respect for Role and Responsibility: Each Council member must honour their role and diligently fulfil their assigned responsibilities.

These rules aim to maintain the Council’s effectiveness and ensure that all members actively contribute to the success of the LIAP Foundation.

Inactive Council members
The LIAP Council has implemented a procedure to address the inactivity of a Council member, which are as  follows:

  1. Initial Contact: If a council member remains inactive in the WhatsApp group for 2 consecutive days, another Council member will contact them via phone. This is to request an update and check on their status.
  2. Update Notification: If the inactive council member responds with an update during the phone call, the information will be shared through the WhatsApp group with the rest of the Council members.
  3. Email Inquiry: If there is no response after 5 days from the initial phone call, the Council will escalate the matter by emailing the inactive member. The email will serve as an inquiry to understand their inactivity.
  4. Temporary Volunteer Status: If there is still no response after 7 days from the email inquiry, the council member will be temporarily moved to the volunteer status. This action is taken to address prolonged inactivity and ensure the efficient functioning of the Council.

By implementing this process, the LIAP Council aims to maintain active participation and ensure that all members contribute to the foundation’s objectives. It also serves to identify and address any potential issues or concerns affecting a member’s involvement.

Leaving the Council
When a Council member decides to leave the Council, they should provide prior notice of their intention. Upon leaving, they can transition to other roles within the organisation, such as Team Members, Volunteers, or Member Status, depending on their preference and commitment level. This allows for a smooth transition and ensures that the individual’s valuable contributions can still be utilized within the LIAP Foundation in a different capacity.

Veto Rights in Council
In the Council, Deek Parassini will hold Veto Rights solely to prevent or stop decisions that may, knowingly or unknowingly, contradict the core concept of the LIAP Foundation. 
This power ensures that the foundation remains aligned with its fundamental principles and values, preserving its mission and vision despite potential deviations. The Veto Rights are intended to be used with careful consideration and in exceptional circumstances to safeguard the integrity of the LIAP Foundation.