Get Involved – 3 Ways



Thank you for expressing interest in joining LIAP! We’re thrilled to have individuals like you who are eager to contribute to our cause. LIAP Foundation, initiated by Deek Parassini, aims to unite us in exchanging skills, strengths, and talents to create a more positive world.

As a LIAP family member, you’ll work from the heart, spreading the message that “Life is All Positive” without expecting anything in return. Deek Parassini defines a LIAP Family Member as someone who serves out of love, without expecting anything back.

If you’re interested in being part of our family and embodying a “Life Is All Positive” approach, LIAP is the right place for you. We ensure full credit for every contribution, letting the world know who’s contributed to the LIAP mission.


Are you Busy & Don’t have time to get Involved

While our primary focus revolves around the valuable time you contribute to our mission, we’ve also had inquiries from individuals expressing an interest in contributing financially. This section is dedicated to those who wish to support us in this way.