Project 4 : 450 meals, 9 volunteers, 45 hours

Project 4: 450 meals, 450 lives, 9 volunteers, 45 hours

Beneficiaries: 450 Needy people at Shivaji Nagar Pune

Number of Meals: 450

Project Duration (Hours): 5

Number of Volunteers: 9

Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 45

Cooking Expertise: Maharaj Prajapati

Sponsored by: Deek Parassini

Embarking on a compassionate mission, Life is All Positive Kitchen Project 4 is dedicated to assisting 450 individuals in need at Shivaji Nagar, Pune. Spanning 5 hours, the project aims to provide more than just meals, extending a heartfelt gesture of care and support to those facing challenges in the community. Objectives include distributing 450 nutritious meals, addressing immediate needs, and showcasing the impact of collective efforts in fostering positivity and community resilience. Led by culinary expert Maharaj Prajapati, a team of 9 volunteers will contribute 45 hours to actively participate in meal preparation, packaging, and distribution. Generously sponsored by Deek Parassini, the project reflects a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of Shivaji Nagar’s residents. In conclusion, Life is All Positive Kitchen Project 4 seeks to bring comfort, support, and positivity through the culinary expertise, dedication of volunteers, and the generous sponsorship provided by Deek Parassini to the community in need.